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Our Animals

Consistent supply
At Moyvalley Meats, we’ve invested in developing our own feedlots to ensure a high quality product for our customers. We now have a capacity of 3,000 heads to back up supply from our excellent local farmers.

This ensures we meet customer demands for a consistent supply of top quality beef throughout the year. Much of the beef produced is grass fed. All feedlot cattle are fed home-grown rations.


Local farmers
We insist on a strict welfare policy for animals entering the Moyvalley Meats processing plant. Animals supplied are procured directly from local farms. We always pay our farmers on the day.
If you are interested in supplying Moyvalley Meats with livestock, please feel free to contact our procurement manager

Noel Sheridan: nsheridan@moyvalleymeats.ie

Mob: 086 174 1823